Who hasn’t had a headache? While in most cases as commonplace as they seem, headaches are a symptom. The pain that you feel is your body’s warning sign that there is something else going.

While not every headache is cause to stop what you are doing and contact a physician, in the cases of chronic headache, it may be a sign to do just that…

So how do you know?

Physio SP can take a reading of the productivity and function of the autonomic nervous system. Using the data that is provided, a healthcare professional can get to the root of the person’s headaches and return a much more pleasant quality of life.

‘RFa’ is known to be a measure of Parasympathetic activity and ‘LFa’ is known to be a measure of Sympathetic activity, based on reference: Colombo J, Arora RR, DePace NL, Vinik AI, Clinical Autonomic Dysfunction: Measurement, Indications, Therapies, and Outcomes. Springer Science + Business Media, New York, NY; 2014.