All the information to get your Physio PS Monitoring System up and running!

Installation Notes:

There are now 2 separate programs in the Physio PS Monitoring Software.

Physio PS Monitor Software

This is the portal into the ANS Monitor, where patient monitoring is conducted.

P&S Reports

This is the portal into the reporting tool.
This is a new feature to the software, where reports are viewed after the completed monitoring session.

Cable Connections

Plug the new USB to RS-232 adapter cable.

USB to RS-232 Connector

into the existing RS-232 connector.
(This is the cable that is plugged into the side of the vitals monitor via the RJ45 connection.)

RS-232 to RJ45 Connector

Connect the two cables together securely.

USB to RS-232 Connector connected to RS-232 to RJ45 Connector

Serial Communication

When starting the testing procedure, the software will establish a serial communication between the vitals monitor and the computer. It is important to make sure that the drop down menu has Port 3 or Port 4 selected (as illustrated below).

Tech Docs

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