Pain management is one thing that for most of modern medicine, doctors and caregivers have had to rely on the “best guess” approach, meaning that aside from dosing guidelines and patient response, the doctor was making an educated deduction of reason to administer pain management.

This is a big contributor to the opioid crisis. This is a also a shortfall in the care of those who are uncommunicative.

Physio PS has the ability to actually quantify pain, as well as the ability to provide conclusive data to gauge the relief that a person has from a given treatment. Physio PS gives the provider or caregiver the ability to understand, using clinical data, how a person’s pain level is or is not responding to treatment. It will also show if a person is not in physical pain, allowing for proper mental health treatment as well as proper care for those that are “prescription seeking” to gain access to medications to support substance abuse habits.
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