P&S monitoring technology provides additional information that aids in patient diagnosis that is not available through any other technology.

Dr. Bloom, MD, FACC

Autonomic monitoring with Physio PS allowed me to understand the physiological process behind these disorders, it has completely redefined the way I practice medicine.

Dr. Nemechek, DO

I am a board certified cardiologist, in practice for 26 years and I utilize Physio PS Monitoring as an integral part of my practice.

Dr. Snapper, MD

Autonomic monitoring with Physio PS has not only grown my practice it has redefined it.

I believe P&S monitoring is a revolution in medicine.

Dr. Depace, MD, FACC

Physio PS Monitoring helps to improve my patients’ quality of life.

Dr. Murray, MD

It was my good fortune to meet Mr. Steve O’Leary at the Executive Health & Sports Center in January of 2018.

Steve recommended a Calcium Score Cardiac CT Scan when I complained about shortness of breath.  That recommendation and seeking opinion of another cardiologist saved my life. My Calcium Score CT Scan numbers were through the roof.  My new cardiologist ordered a catheterization and recommended immediate surgery after seeing blockages in 4 major coronary arteries. A successful cardiac surgery was performed on my heart at Massachusetts General Hospital.  

Steve continued to perform the Physio PS ANS Test on me three times.  Physio PS is a diagnostic evaluation that is designed to provides valuable information to the physicians to assist in diagnosing health problems. 

Mr. O’Leary’s concern for my well-being was genuine and heartfelt. I will always be grateful to Steve for going above and beyond. 
I would recommend Mr. O’Leary, Dr. J. Colombo, PhD and the Physio PS ANS Test.


Two years ago, I was experiencing anxiety and panic attacks.  I could not sleep or calm myself. A trip to the doctors and prescription of Xanax were not satisfactory.  Dr Colombo was able to pin-point my problem with the Physio P&S test. The test showed my nervous system at odds.  Through a specific walking routine and a prescription of Nortriptylin (10 mg qd Dinner) and supplements of vitamins, I started to feel better and was able to sleep.  I continue this routine and it has changed my life!

Mary N

‘RFa’ is known to be a measure of Parasympathetic activity and ‘LFa’ is known to be a measure of Sympathetic activity, based on reference: Colombo J, Arora RR, DePace NL, Vinik AI, Clinical Autonomic Dysfunction: Measurement, Indications, Therapies, and Outcomes. Springer Science + Business Media, New York, NY; 2014.