Assisting With Remote Diagnosis & Treatment of Many Ailments

Autonomic Monitoring is when we take a look at the physiological response of the Parasympathetic (described as the “Rest & Digest Response”) and Sympathetic (described as the “Fight & Flight Response”) branches of the Autonomic Nervous System also known as, ANS, which is part of the Peripheral Nervous System) using the FDA Cleared, Physio PS Innovative Autonomic Monitoring System®.

P&S Monitoring provides more and possibly earlier information regarding disease and disorder.

The ANS controls the functions of internal organs, as well as the regulation of many multi-organ responses to the world around us. Functions and responses such as, heart rate, blood pressure, and breath rate (to name only a few) means that the health of the ANS is crucial to the health of the whole body. 

Workers in remote platform locations away from families, in a kind of isolation, and working almost 24/7 for long periods of time, can experience depression-like states which may cause anxiety-like symptoms. Unfortunately, anxiety-like symptoms more often than not feel like a heart attack. On land, many patients feel they need the emergency room and check themselves in. Out on remote platforms, patients don’t have the luxury of running to the emergency room. The more information from P&S Monitoring can quickly differentiate between panic attacks and heart attacks, saving time, money, and personnel from unproductive activity. For example, it can save the time and resources of either getting the patient who feels they are experiencing a heart attack to an emergency doctor or an emergency doctor to the patient, which would mostly likely involve a helicopter trip, when often times it is only a panic attack, which can be treated remotely. 

The ANS will also continue to work even when it itself is failing, which is the more information P&S Monitoring provides. This earlier information can help when assigning workers to specific positions, where P&S Monitoring is able to assess risk factors not available from standard biomarkers, which may help to better place workers in positions that may be more isolated and involve heaver mental or physical stress loads. 

When P&S Balance is disrupted, it can significantly effect health, and treatment to restore proper balance restores proper heath and productivity.

The World's First Remote Autonomic Nervous System Monitoring And Diagnostic System

Recognizing that technology and medical science is rapidly evolving, ANS monitoring with Physio PS enables an innovative approach to address health and wellness challenges across the broad spectrum of healthcare disciplines.

Our technology assists healthcare providers identify and obtain early-stage diagnoses for many diseases and conditions that are not easily identified prior to obvious symptoms.

Reasons For Autonomic Nervous System Monitoring:
  • Easily adaptable to general and specific requirements of almost all medical branches.
  • Presents a quick and reliable supplementary assessment of primary health risk factors.
  • Assesses the balance between the parasympathetic and sympathetic branches of the autonomic nervous system.
  • Reliably discovers a wide variety of underlying medical conditions that do not present obvious symptoms.
  • Assesses autonomic physical dysregulation and accumulated physical and mental stress.
  • Assesses physical training needs based on an individual’s cardiovascular fitness levels.
  • Reveals development of possible health risks.
  • Verifying the efficacy of current treatment protocol and intervention.
  • Provides early indications of health risks for quick detection and prevention of illness, disease, and progressive stress conditions before onset and development.
  • Efficiently screens the mass population to detect potential risks and reserve costly, full medical checkups for only those exhibiting health threats.

Systems are customized individually and product pricing varies based on options and usage type. Our experts are available to assist you with the most cost-effective solution based on your needs.

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